Only As Far As My Voice Will Carry

Do you pray?

Yeah. Me too.

I understand. We are told daily prayer is important. C.S. Lewis’ bureaucratic demon Screwtape said we were being tempted to forget praying. So he meant it is very important. After all, we say “give us this day our daily bread.”

Uh. Say that again?

Vain repetitions? I know what you mean. But, Thomas Jefferson our unorthodox founding father said repetition is the key to learning.

No. I don’t think he prayed much.

No. I am not saying we are teaching the Divinity anything.

No. I am not attempting to claim prayer teaches me anything about God.

I often think if prayer is to be part of a conversation with the divine and the beloved community then when we pray patterned or standard prayers we are learning in our repetitions the teachings of the beloved community and about who we are within it and in connection to the Divine One.

You are correct. The repetition is not in vain then. So, then the prayer in my voice is being heard by the ears that most need them.

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