There is no justice in declaring peace when there is neither peace nor justice. We find ourselves being passive when evil is not confronted for the sake of getting along. A few weeks ago I attended a continuing education event where people of the type I like to call “proudly ignorant” continued to interrupt the speaker. These people gave all appearance of attempting to correct the speaker who actually had some expertise on the subject. Yet, their own bigotry did not allow for them to listen. There is no justice in allowing such disruptions to continue without someone taking a stand to say something. None of us did.

St. Paul tells us to, “be angry but do not sin.” So we often will hold back from providing truthful and healthful responses to not appear rude or impolite. So will live in dishonest denial that there may indeed be good reason for anger. How can a human being not care that other human beings are murdered? How can a human being allow children to starve while doing or saying nothing about it? Such people are not human. They are ciphers who see other people as ciphers. A little red-blooded outrage can go a long way. All too often we negotiate with evil to allow its continuance even with some small obstacles.

Bandages do nothing if blood continues to flow. There is no hope for healing while gangrene takes hold. We can stop the blood and cut away the necrotic tissue if we have the courage to make the tourniquet and use the scalpel. No I am not advocating social violence. I am opposing social cowardice. Christians need to stop offering major injuries minor first aid. When human rights are violated, when need is severe, when destruction is paramount, and when evil abounds we must fight it with every fiber of our being even to our own death.

Christians are called to be the light of Christ in the darkness. We are not called to hide ourselves behind our own comforts or would-be “good folks” identities. We cannot be lovers of peace or wishers for peace. Jesus blessed makers of peace and called them the children of God. We can only accomplish this when those who hunger and thirst for justice are given their justice.

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