Why the Change?

Recently, I announced that I was switching from theology to philosophy. I understand it caused some consternation and confusion. I hope this corrects that.
Theology is not the same as Religious Studies or Biblical Studies. Theology is speculative discussion on what ultimately exists in the supernatural realm. What is God? Who is God? What other beings exist beyond our perception and how do they act? The reasons we care about such things is how should life in our world be lived and organized based on answers to these questions.
Philosophy while not necessarily religious or theological has been brought into service as the “handmaiden” to Theology. Philosophy is not primarily concerned with how does one live due to the existence of the Triune God. Philosophy is about how we think and act. Theology is about how we believe and act. Yet, ethics – how we live – is not as important within the field of theology. Defining beliefs takes primary focus in theological discussion. Ethics is very important within philosophy because that discipline informs the methodology used in the act of thinking.
These are some of the reasons I am focusing intellectual work on Philosophy now. So say I always have.

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